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March 22 - July 1
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Everything You Need to Know About Queer Acts

Halifax Pride’s Queer Acts Theatre Festival opens on Thursday running until Sunday, with 6 diverse productions for LGBTQ audiences and their allies.

Take a look at the line-up and consider joining us for another amazing festival of queer theatre. Details about each show are below, you can get tickets online by checking out the event pages here.

Another cool feature of this year’s festival is the Queer Acts Confab, an industry gathering for artists, presenters, and producers working with LGBTQ themes in their art. All queer artists should check out this mini-conference. If you’re not a queer artist, please tell your queer art friends about the Confab.

Here’s the line-up with shows right here at the Bus Stop as well as across the street at The Company House.


Created and performed by Waawaate Fobister | Director and Dramaturge Ed Roy
Thursday – Sunday | 7:30pm | The Bus Stop Theatre

Agokwe, about unrequited love between teenaged boys from neighbouring reserves, explores the joys and tragedies of growing up marginalized by race and sexuality in a small rural community.

Waawaate is an award-winning actor and playwright. A proud Anishnaabe from Grassy Narrows First Nation, he also does inspirational keynote talks at schools and conferences about Native culture, Two-spirit studies, Queer theatre, and Native theatre.


Redheaded Stepchild

Written and performed by Johnnie Walker
Thursday – Sunday, 9:00pm | The Bus Stop Theatre

Inspired by the “Kick a Ginger Day” Facebook event that went viral, writer/performer Johnnie Walker asked himself what he would have done were he a small vulnerable child facing the prospect of Kick a Ginger Day, the results of which are a funny touching production which has gone on to rave reviews across the country.


Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death

Written and performed by Stewart Legere
Thursday – Sunday, 10:30pm | The Bus Stop Theatre

Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death is an electro-pop dance party theatre performance about brutality, compassion, our own monstrous nature and the unsinkable phoenix within all of us.

Stewart Legere is one of Halifax’s most respected and beloved theatre practitioners and music-makers. This new show will combine his music and theatre skills for a performance party unlike anything Queer Acts has seen.


A Boy And His Dog: Stories From A Life

Written and performed by Chris Aucoin
Friday & Saturday | 7:00pm | The Company House

A series of connected stories about love, tragic loss… and starting over as a 40-something gay man.

Chris is a longtime LGBTQ activist, writer, educator, graphic designer, and culture junkie. This is his first completed script, though he “tells stories” in his professional life as a freelance researcher, writer, public educator and amateur historian.


Emerging Queer Artists Program

1 ticket, 2 shows | Thursday – Sunday | 6:00pm | The Bus Stop Theatre

Tender Beast

By Mary Fay Coady (Halifax)

Beautiful, destructive, and confusing as hell, the human heart is a tender beast, asking more questions than it seems capable of answering. Tender Beast will explore many of these questions and in the process, break. your. heart. But it will also try its best to put it back together again. Promise.


By Rory Jade Grey (Toronto) | Directed by evalyn parry

When Rory’s mother was pregnant, the doctor said there were two heart beats, yet Rory was the only baby born of that pregnancy. Rory’s mother mentioned this when Rory started to identify as genderqueer. Might Rory feel in between maleness and femaleness because they absorbed a twin of another gender? And if that’s possible, can someone be two people in one body?


Queer Acts Confab

An industry gathering for artists, producers, and presenters working in diverse LGBTQ art forms

New to the festival this year is the Queer Acts Confab from July 18-20. The first event of it’s kind offered by Queer Acts, this industry gathering will offer artists, producers, and presenters in LGBTQ performing arts the opportunity to meet, network, and share their experiences with peers from the Atlantic Canada region and abroad. The Confab will feature distinguished speakers, workshop sessions, and a variety of panel discussions.


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