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The Great Big Bus Stop Basket Auction

It’s that time of the year again!!

As a remount of one of our most exciting and successful fundraisers of last year, join The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op for our live gift basket auction!

Saturday, December 8th
7:00PM to 9:00PM

All funds go toward supporting the Bus Stop Theatre 🎉🎉

Baskets are donated by our wonderful co-op members and companies, and contain anything under the sun! Mixes of tickets, merch, baked treats, gift certificates, and tons of other goodies are lovingly assembled by one of our many participating companies. It’s the perfect theatre and arts holiday gift stop!

There will be a mix of Live Auction baskets (hosted by famed Merritt host Andrew Chandler) as well as many silent auction baskets for bid. The basket with the highest selling bid awards the co-op member a FREE one year company membership at the Bus Stop Theatre!
So bid high and help out BOTH the Bus Stop and the company of your choice!!!

Baskets on auction will be offered by the following members:

2b theatre company
Ann-Marie Kerr
Caravan Theatre
Centre for Art Tapes
Charles Taylor Theatre
Dal Theatre Society
eMotion Pictures / Thom Fitzgerald
Halifax Fringe Festival
Lisa Roberts for Halifax Needham
LunaSea Theatre Company
Matchstick Theatre
Mayworks Halifax Festival of Working People & the Arts
Nitrotek Web Solutions
Nostos Collectives Dance Association
Red Clay Arts / White Rabbit Arts
Robert Seale
Rolling Bold Productions
suddenlyLISTEN Music
Taboo Theatre
Terra Novella Theatre
The Villain’s Theatre
Votive Dance
Whale Song Theatre
Zuppa Theatre Co.

Basket contents to be highlighted as the date draws closer. So get excited!!


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