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Critical year for the Bus Stop Theatre!

2019 will be a critical year for the Bus Stop Theatre. As many lovers of the Bus Stop know, this small independent theatre on Gottingen Street owes its existence and perseverance to many people who have invested tremendous amounts of time, love and money into it. Not least of which is Clare Waque, who has stewarded the theatre as owner-operator for many years before founding the cooperative that has now managed the theatre’s operations since 2015.

Today, the Bus Stop Theatre continues to thrive as an essential cultural venue and one of the most exciting arts incubators in the province. However, management of the ageing property has become too large a burden for a private owner to sustain, leading to an uncertain future for the theatre.

In order to secure a future for itself and space for artists in Nova Scotia, the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op is planning to take over ownership of the building in which it operates by the end of 2019. But more than that, we are making plans for the expansion of the current building to include desperately needed additional performance and rehearsal spaces. We are excited by the progress made so far in our planning, thanks to assistance from Strategic Arts Management and Peter Henry Architects, but we face a huge challenge ahead. We are currently approaching all levels of government and private donors for support, and we will soon be able to be more clear about how we will need the public’s help.

For 15 years, the Bus Stop Theatre has provided essential space for artists and community interests. With public and private support, the Bus Stop can continue to do this and more.

Please stay tuned about our next steps and how you can help. Sign up here to receive progress updates on this exciting project:


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