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3rd Annual Great Big Bus Stop Basket Auction!

Sunday, December 1st
6:00PM – 8:00PM

For its 3rd year in a row, the Bus Stop will be hosting its annual holiday fundraiser The Great Big Bus Stop Basket Auction!!

The event this year will be advertised far and wide to both BST company members as well as the general public to stop by and bid. Both as a one-stop treasure trove of perfect holiday gift baskets and treats, as well as a chance to showcase all of the amazing members and users of this magical space to the public, and let them know exactly how special the Bus Stop is.

This year baskets will be profiled online a week before the event! You can see which baskets will be up for grabs, and can place your bids electronically up until 5pm the night of the Basket Auction, Dec 1st. At that time, the online bids will shut down, and each basket’s highest bid online will become its starting bid for the final stretch in-person Basket Auction from 6-8pm at the Bus Stop. There will be NO live auction this year. Just a big ole’ party!

On the night, come out to the Bus Stop from 6-8pm to mix and mingle. Toasting all of the amazing companies, artists, and community members who have called the Bus Stop home over the past year, and to get final dibs on all of the sweet baskets up for auction.

Baskets are donated by our wonderful co-op members and companies, and contain anything under the sun! Mixes of tickets, merch, gift certificates, baked treats, (in one case a live-streamed homemade hand-delivered Frittata!) and tons of other creative goodies are lovingly assembled by our many participating companies. It’s the perfect holiday gift stop!

As an additional incentive, instead of awarding just one prize for the highest selling basket of the evening, this year participating companies who submit a basket will receive a discount off of their company membership renewal if their basket sells above a certain margin!:
-If Basket sells for $100, you get $10 off your 2020 membership!
-If Basket sells for $250, you get $25 off your 2020 membership!
-If Basket sells for $500, you get $50 off your 2020 membership!
-If Basket sells for $750, you get $75 off your 2020 membership!
-If Basket sells for $1000, you get $100 off your 2020 membership!

So bid high, and help out BOTH the Bus Stop and the company of your choice!!!

Baskets on auction will be offered by the following members:

2b theatre company
The Accidental Mechanics Group
Centre for Art Tapes
Charles Taylor Theatre
The Dalhousie Theatre Society (DTS)
Halifax Fringe Festival
Lisa Roberts for Halifax Needham
Matchstick Theatre
Mayworks Halifax Festival of Working People & the Arts
Prismatic Arts Festival
Rolling Bold Productions
Side Door
Sinking Ship Theatre Creations
Terra Novella Theatre
The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company
The Villains Theatre
Zuppa Theatre Co.
And several themed baskets submitted by the Bus Stop Theatre itself! Stay tuned for Basket-bidding to go live November 25th.

Free Admission! Plus lots of great snacks and treats!

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