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About The Co-op



The Bus Stop Theatre (BST) is a multi-use performance venue located on Gottingen Street. The theatre has been in operation since 2003 and hosts over 90 different groups and shows annually. For over a decade BST’s goal has been to operate theatrical facilities that serve both artists and audiences. It has done this by being the only independently operated affordable, accessible, professionally equipped black-box space in Halifax. The theatre is booked for performance, rehearsal or workshop 250+ days of the year. Currently it operates as both a presenter, through rental of the space to independent producers, and as a producer of original performance, workshops and showcases.

Diverse audienceces are drawn to the theatre for a wide range of shows and events each with their own unique demographic and ticket price. Shows at the BST are known for being affordable and presented in an inviting and casual, yet professional, atmosphere,

The BST is a dynamic, flexible space, customizable to each presentation’s needs and able to accommodate a variety of mediums. The audience arrangement changes based on the needs of the event and can accommodate 60-100 seated or 149 standing-room. While the theatre is highly suited for theatre and live music, the flexibility of the space allows for numerous other uses including as a gallery, workshop venue, screening cinema, and meeting space.

In addition to the equipped theatre, the BST offers a welcoming lobby with licensed bar, storefront advertising, accessible washrooms, gallery space and a box office area.

The BST operates year round with peaks in the spring and fall and lows in the late winter and mid-summer. To address this trend in the rental business we offer programming to fill these gaps with fundraisers, show development, workshops, and showcases.

The BST has an audience and user reach that extends beyond the city of Halifax and immediate North End community. Artists, productions and audiences have often come from Cape Breton, South Shore, and the Valley for shows. The BST is an accessible resource for artists, thereby fostering community engagement, artistic growth, and economic development on a municipal and provincial scale. Both by renting and co-producing, the BST continues to be an essential pillar of Halifax’s artistic scene. The BST occupies an important place in the Halifax cultural community by not only providing an accessible and affordable rental space for emerging artists but also by actively fostering artistic growth. The BST is a producing partner with the StART Festival, a festival dedicated to showcasing the talent of students and emerging artists.

Why join?

Since 2012, the Bus Stop has been a cooperative. Cooperatives are member-driven organizations. The Bus Stop is only as strong as its members!

Members of the Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative enjoy many benefits including:

  • Discounts on BST programming
  • A members-only newsletter
  • The ability to vote and participate in co-op activities
  • and more.
  • Patron

  • $35/Year
    • Discounts on BST Co-op programming
    • Voting rights at Annual General Meeting
    • Access to the BST Member Newsletter
    • Eligible to sit on committees

  • Artist

  • $125/Year
    • Discounted rental rates
    • Member profile on our website
    • Discounts on BST Co-op programming
    • Voting rights at Annual General Meeting
    • Access to the BST Member Newsletter
    • Eligible to sit on committees

  • Company

  • $200/Year
    • Access to Rehearsal Space Program
    • Discounted rental rates
    • Company profile on our website
    • Discounts on BST Co-op programming
    • Votings rights at Annual General Meeting
    • Access to the BST Member Newsletter
    • Eligible to sit on committees