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March 22 - July 1
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Sébastien Labelle (he/him/il/lui) – Executive Director

Sébastien Labelle is the Executive Director of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op. He took on this position in 2016 and has since led the development of the new co-op structure for the theatre as well as the campaign to save the Bus Stop through non-profit property ownership. He is French Canadian with distant mixed Algonquin ancestry and hails from the city of Gatineau settled on Odawa territory. Sébastien is also Festival Director for Mayworks Kjipuktuk/Halifax, and a creative collaborator for the River Clyde Pageant in Epekwitk (PEI). He is a Merritt Award-nominated actor, a former union organizer with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2, and longtime community organizer working on campaigns for economic and racial justice.

(Photo: James MacLean)

Jordan Farmer (he/him) – General Manager

Jordan Farmer is the interim general manager of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-Op for 2021.  Known professionally as Tempo, Jordan is a multifaceted creative entrepreneur with roots both in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  Starting as a dancer, Jordan worked with Concrete Roots and Unity Charity, developing a strong sense of community. Equipped with a thorough understanding and connection to music, this fuelled the need to take control of the very language that influenced his movement, ultimately resulting in the transition to production. Making the jump to music, the 2019 HopScotch All Styles winner has since dedicated his craft to becoming more involved in projects advocating for racial equality and artistic freedom throughout the Province.

Matt Downey (they/them) – Technical Director

Matt Downey is the Technical Director of The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op. Originally from St John’s Newfoundland, they have been working for The Bus Stop in multiple capacities for 10 years. Outside (and inside) the Bus Stop they are a lighting and set designer and queer theatre and circus artist, working with companies such as The Villians Theatre, Xara Choral Theatre, Halifax Pride, Workshirt Operahouse, Halifax Fringe, Halifax Summer Opera and Mayworks. Matt is so happy to finally see the Bus Stop own itself and is excited for the possibilities of the future. Everyone should be able to make and see art and the safety of our continued existence is critical to helping that be a sustainable reality in this city.

(Photo by Emily Vaudeville)

Audrey Eastwood (she/her) – General Manager (on leave)

Audrey Eastwood has been the General Manager of the Bus Stop Theatre Co-op since 2017 and a volunteer since 2016. Hailing from the tiny community of Central Hampstead, NB, Audrey is a multi-disciplinary artist and Co-Founder and Artistic Producer of Terra Novella Theatre.. She has worked as an actor, designer, musician, technician, fight choreographer, and makeup artist for a number of Halifax/Kjipuktuk based companies including Villain’s Theatre, Kick at the Dark Theatre Co-op, Halifax Summer Opera, Halifax Fringe, Votive Dance and Whale Song Theatre. In her spare time she loves cooking and sharing huge meals, spending time messing about in gardens and seeing as many shows at the Bus Stop as possible.

(Photo by MJ Photographics)