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March 22 - July 1
Halifax Nova Scotia
About This Project

Matchstick Theatre is an emerging production company based in Halifax.
Comprised of Producer Alex Mills, Artistic Director Jake Planinc, and Company
Manager Chelsea Dickie, the group has produced 7 plays in Halifax since its

inception in early 2017.

Matchstick’s aim is to revitalize contemporary Canadian plays, striving to ignite, affect, and

ultimately transform its audience with every performance.

As a young, fresh, and energetic company, Matchstick has produced 7 plays in just 2 years,
offering a platform to support other both emerging and established artists. In that time we have
engaged 6 local and nationally renowned playwrights, 15 backstage theatre artists and
designers, and 23 local actors in transformative and contemporary theatre.

To date, Matchstick’s roster of productions include:
Joyride by Michael Melski, January 2019
The Little Years by John Mighton, October 2018
The Woodcutter by Don Hannah, July 2018
Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes by Jordan Tannahill, March 2018
Bone Cage by Catherine Banks, October 2017
Bitter Rose by Catherine Banks, June 2017
In On It by Daniel MacIvor, January 2017

If you would like to reach Matchstick, please feel free to e-mail us at


or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/matchsticktheatrecompany/