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The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op hosts a number of programs that enable artistic creation and fosters skill development. These are produced in partnership with organizations and teams of artists whose activities align with our own mandate to support a wide range of artists across communities and career levels.


Art Arena

Our Art Arena showcase series aims to allow emerging artists seeking financial, production and promotional support to have access to the theatre and demonstrate their talent to audiences on a professional stage. Beginning in August of 2020, this showcase series will feature selected artists who apply for participation in response to a different theme every month. Art Arena is produced and curated by Conscious Creative Artists (CCA). Details for submission to be announced in May 2020.


The Bus Stop Theatre Playwrights Unit

The Playwrights Unit has been fostering creation within the abundance of new and diverse storytellers our city has to offer since the fall 2016. The Unit hosts two short play night events a year and meets once a month to workshop each others’ scripts. The Playwrights Unit can act as a producer to scripts that have been developed through the Unit, applying for and navigating grants and the processes that take a script from workshop to production. The Unit is coordinated by Meghan Hubley and Rebecca Falvey. Meetings are open to anyone who would like to hear their work outloud, so please get in touch at bstplaywrights@gmail.com

Find the Playwrights Unit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BSTplaywrights/



StART is a collaborative project through which opportunities are created to help emerging artists learn new skills, broaden their networks and showcase their talents. StART offers workshops, mixers and other industry events throughout the year as well as the annual StART Fest which showcases a wide range of talent across artistic disciplines. StART is coordinated by Kayla Borden and Nivie Dhami. They can be reached at startfesthalifax@gmail.com

Website: https://startfesthalifax.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/startfestivalhalifax/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/startfesthali/


Trade School

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op annually offers workshops and educational opportunities intended to broaden the skills of our membership and the general public. These include our in-house Black Box Basics workshops through which participants learn the basic skills necessary to understand and operate the technical equipment at the Bus Stop Theatre. We also offer a number of workshops in collaboration with other organizations with a similar mandate. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops beginning in the summer of 2020.


Reparations Fund & Sign Language Fund

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op is setting up two separate funds to make the rental of our theatre more accessible to Indigenous peoples and to people of African descent, and also to help support the hiring of sign language interpreters during events hosted at the Bus Stop. Stay tuned for coming announcements.